Sep 132018

Perfectionism within musicians

Perfectionism within musicians is one commonality I’ve had with many musicians I have worked with in myhome recording studio.┬áThere is something deep inside them that prevents them from completing a project.

Their work is never good enough, or up to their standard of perfection. They keep changing, arranging, fixing, scrutinizing, and agonizing over a piece of art that is supposed to be, imperfect. I encourage them through positive input, common sense, compassion, and friendship hoping to entice them to finish one song.

What is my role in all of this? What role do I play that draws these musician types to me?

I go back after months have gone by and listen to these creations and it makes me sad because most of this music is magic. I’ll call them after many months to remind them of their great songs. Songs that in my opinion are a listeners delight. Furthermore, I assume, due to excessive control, ego, and low self esteem, they just can’t let themselves be vulnerable and take a chance with their creations.

These are tunes that I have personally spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours producing that will never get finished. Maybe it is because I do this out of my love of music and have not been requiring payment because we are kindred spirits. Maybe it’s because I have not put a value on my expertise so my services to them had no value.

They ask me to email them an mp3 of their tune and they agree with me. “That’s a hit!” they exclaim! Consequently nothing comes to term and they still, they agonize over perfection.

For me? I am a professional producer, entertainer, percussionist, drummer, vocalist, and I keep striving for a team to write and produce with. Most noteworthy, I will, one day, help one of these souls complete a song, and release music magic to the masses.Perfectionism within musicians

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