Apr 042016

Today I am searching for a reason to continue in this social media environment called Facebook. It appears to me that it can become very addictive and the tone of posts have become ridiculous, judgmental, shallow, and sometimes hateful.
Why would anyone rational human being want to subject themselves to this shallow, unreal form of communication? Do we not have any sense of privacy and have a need to sensationalize our lives so people will think that we live in this Disneyland lifestyle? Would we actually communicate to our friend and family in person in this manner?

Are we so disconnected that that the only means of us having a connection is through a keyboard, a computer and screen, stuck in a room, trying to have a life with no outside human interactions.
I am fortunate that I live in the foothills, have my significant other that is a great life partner with all our animals and beauty of nature all around us. Do we struggle? Of course we do. Are we grateful for what we have? YES, we are. Today is another beautiful day in Northern California, and it is time to go outside and enjoy just being one with the universe.

Get outside and enjoy what is!


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